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Eclipse or SUNrise...
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

IBM WebSphere Portal 8: Web Experience Factory and the Cloud by Packt book review

I just received a new nice, book titled IBM WebSphere Portal 8: Web Experience Factory and the Cloud. My personal experience with portal based solutions is that in most cases it is overrated piece of software. It has a great marketing and with fancy and colorful layouts it seems it can do everything a user could possibly ask for. However in the end it can bring more trouble than upsides... That is what my experience tells me. And since this book seems to be a hands-on, experience based publication it got my interest.

My interest with the book was also brought by the content of the foreword of the book, in which I read that "Portal can provide an integration and aggregation point for all of your existing systems...". Yeah, right! This is a role of some Broker platform, something that I would call ESB, not a front-end platform like Portal. From the other hand, I read "...These types of large projects [portal projects] can bring out the best and the worst of company’s internal processes and systems. In some ways, they can be the most challenging projects on the planning board.". Beautifully said! Totally agree on that one!

With that said, I’ll go through the book to find out the authors experience and approach to Portal problems. I will post my review of the book in my future posts.

You can find the book here.

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