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Eclipse or SUNrise...
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Friday, December 10, 2010

Customize WebSphere web console

Today, IT systems are more and more complex and usually there are couple of environments for each of them. In most of the cases there are Integration, Testing (QA or UAT) or Production environments. In case of administering the WebSphere Application Server - the administrator have to log in to many different consoles to do his tasks. It is easy to make a mistake and instead of updating the application on integration - the administrator does it on test or maybe even worse - on live production.

Of course there should be some restrictions like different passwords, VPNs for the environment (especially production), and so on to harden making the mistake. But again, it IS possible to do a mistake. In WAS version 7 there is a simple feature which enables labeling the console with a custom name. In this way, the administrator can see on which console he is logged in. But what can we do with older versions of WAS?

Well since the graphical console is nothing else but an Enterprise application that we can tune a little bit (or maybe not only little:-)). What I did to achieve it, is that I changed the login screen of the console into this:

Those of you who work with WAS will notice the difference at the first glance. What I acctually did was that I modified two images supplying them simply with a name of each enviroment. You will find these images in


I changed two images:

  • Login.gif

  • iscbannerLeft-.gif

Changing the iscbanner* will result in exactly the same functionality as in WAS7 - the change will be visible during the work in the console - in every screen.

This solution will of course not avert a mistake of an administrator, doing his human task but it can prevent such a situation quite nicely.