Eclipse or SUNrise...

Eclipse or SUNrise...
...JAVA for sure

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Let the show begin...

Ok, officialy registered on the blogger! And now what? Well, let me tell you why am I here in the first place. I'm working with Java technology for quite a while and during this time, when I had some problems to solve or some quastions to answer and there was anybody to help - google often showed the way. One of those 'times' I found a java programmer blog - John Yeary's Blog. It was and IS a great help for me and all I can tell you is to check it out for yourself. I am not even in 10% as experienced as John but I think that still, I have something to say. Till now, I just used help from others by reading their words, now I would like to write something of my own experience and give something back. I really hope it may be some help for others programmers.

Ok, to work then! Hope to write something usefull soon ;-)
Wishing the best to all you readers (if any),
Sebastian Kapciak

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